Joshua Hogan works in a process of creation, self exploration, and artistic refinement. Paint and texture, free to inhibit their own meaning, lead him in the direction to follow. The essence of his work surrounds the presence of action and depth. The picture plane is not a place for him to simply set down a concrete image. Hogan's relationship to the work is much to intimate. His paintings intend to not only illustrate our world, but possess their own world, unlimited in dimensions.


Hogan does not sketch out a framework for his work. He starts with a blank canvas or plain wood and applies paint whenever it feels valid. Each mark opens new directions and challenges for him. The work requires it's freedom, but it must also function aesthetically.


Hogan's artwork depends on his mood at the given time. Because of this, the artwork can sometimes change drastically, and the meaning of the work is not always obvious. This is not important, even though much of his artwork has meaning attached; Hogan's first objective is the quality of the ideas and the workmanship rather than an objective meaning.


The medias in which he works also varies. Experimentation is currently the life of this artwork, keeping the resulting painting fresh and keeping him challenged. There are only two guidelines that Hogan follows; to push his artwork further and to not repeat something he has already done.

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