In his artwork, Hogan attempts to capture feelings of empowerment - wonder within subtleness. He likes to work within a balance of isolated raw color and a plane of warm, muted, sienna toned depth. Hogan also enjoys using accents of texture and an interaction of random line in his work. He sees their aesthetic comparable to painting on old wood, on which hints of the wood grain, its’ imperfections and damage show through in places, adding an element of age and past.


Hogan paints without a plan. He learns where to take it as he goes. As source material Hogan uses moments... moments sprung forth from doubt, fear, hope and love. He tends to be lured by the idea of finding beauty and remembering wonder in times of darkness. He feels that it is these times in life that he has found things to be the most real; finding strength or noticing magnificence during mundane everyday trivialities.


The process of Hogan's artwork is a succession of adding and taking away. Oil paints, along with pastels and charcoal allow him this flexibility. He can manipulate or remove a mark while still leaving a hint of it behind. The canvas texture often becomes an important element to the feel of the piece. Several times during a painting, he will sand it down wearing down tones and lines, giving the work softness.


The direction of Hogan's artwork is defined by his mood at a given time. What he most wants the viewer to receive from his work is feeling... to evoke. He likes the idea that a painting, which may have significance in his own frame of reference, has pliability to be taken into a viewer's frame of reference and given new meaning.


Still, he does title his paintings, as their meaning resides with him. Hell, they were his paintings first.

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