The Unspoken


This collaborative work with professional, assemblage artist Brenda Stumpf, consists of 2 series with a total of 28 pieces. The first series of 16 mixed media paintings were exhibited in a two person show titled "The Unspoken" at Mosaic Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio in May of 2004.


This work was created very organically, and without much planning or discussion. Stumpf uses dismembered piano pieces, sand, plant matter, and miscellaneous objects coated in oil paint to create natural looking protrusions and backgrounds. Hogan uses a sienna palette of oil paint with splashes of black, creating movement throughout the series. Together, the works highlight the similarities and differences in their genres. Two-by-one-foot wood panels are split in two or three parts, each artist using the space designated. Even when the separation is clear, the series seems to come from one mind.


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